Flexible working: an entrepreneur’s growth engine

We’re now more connected than ever before, not just in terms of communicating, but also in relation to the distribution of resources. Consider that two years from now, 80 per cent of the world’s population will own a smartphone. And then there’s the cloud and the rise of 5G: put simply, it’s now easier than ever to plug in and work from anywhere we like.

The rapid advancement of new technology has paved the way for a gradual shift in how we are choosing to work. Research from JLL shows that up to 30 per cent of corporate real estate portfolios could be flexible workspaces by 2030 while, according to CBRE, the flexible office market is growing at 13 per cent a year. Flexijobs.com predicts that by 2020, 50 per cent of all workers will be remote. With statistics like these, it’s clear we are approaching a tipping point which will transform the working experience of millions.

It’s clear we are approaching a tipping point which will transform the working experience of millions

Our appetite for a more agile way of working can also be traced to the desire for personal productivity gains achieved from escaping the nine to five. Today’s workforce expect more; having grown up with rapidly changing technology, their expectations are higher and more open to new ways of working. They know they can set up anywhere and work smarter, in a way that suits their lifestyles.

Indeed, a report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research found that flexible working could save 533 million hours a year in commuting time, saving UK employees an annual £3.8 billion, rising to £7.1 billion when the commuter value of time is taken into account. As well as the steep financial costs, why should people spend several hours a day commuting when they could work from a fully serviced office close to home?

For entrepreneurs, the flexible working revolution will create competitive advantage, save money, and help attract and retain customers and talent. Entrepreneurs are driven, and they are not likely to follow a traditional working model as they establish and grow their business. For them, the ability to work anywhere, at any time, can be a huge advantage, enabling them to remain productive while on the move.

A properly networked flexible workspace partner can ensure that entrepreneurs have access to high-quality office space, resources and expertise no matter where they are in the country or the world. The same partner can help entrepreneurs to grow their business as the availability of service support enables them to focus on value-generating activities rather than spending time and money on real estate leases.

Startup businesses can be small and successful business owners keep a very close eye on expenditure. But for many it is also hugely important to project an image about your brand and business that is going to excite and impress potential partners or customers.

Flexible workspace providers such as Regus can ensure that not only can you travel to where your potential client is, you can be assured when you get there, you can bring them to an office which is modern, friendly and impressive. Even as a fledgling business, you want to have a base to bring potential customers, partners and employees for meetings without letting down your brand.

Cost-effective, fully equipped spaces can help you punch above your weight for heightened credibility. With top-of-the-range IT and reliable wifi, friendly and professional support staff, as well as high-quality catering facilities, you’ll have all you need to seal a deal and impress clients.

The benefits of flexible working run even deeper than this, though.

One of the most important advantages of a flexible workspace is the collaborative culture that we foster. For entrepreneurs, establishing a business network can be a hugely important factor in development. Co-working spaces mean you have access to a community of like-minded professionals from day one. Company throughout the day also helps to prevent feelings of isolation and frustration that individuals can sometimes experience when working alone.

We have seen many of our partners begin to work together, sometimes following a simple conversation over coffee as they enjoy the chance to get down to business in an affordable and professional environment, with none of the productivity drawbacks of working from home or a local café. Collaborative culture, like-minded people and potential partners; it’s all there with a smart, flexible
workspace strategy.

Moreover, these benefits typically cost less than renting or buying traditional corporate real estate, as well as reducing administration time for your business. As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on your core business and reduce the time you spend distracted by other activities. A flexible workspace strategy can help you achieve this.

Regus understands entrepreneurs and we obsess about meeting our customers’ needs. We have been established in the UK for almost 30 years and have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs as they establish and grow their business. We provide workspaces, communities and services in almost 3,300 locations in over 1,000 towns and cities across more than 110 countries.

Our clients benefit from simple contracts and reporting dashboards, digital apps, dedicated account teams, world-class infrastructure and back-office support from a proven global leader. These all help empower you and your colleagues to harness the full benefits of flexible working.

The workspace revolution is coming and smart entrepreneurs are getting involved and reaping the benefits. Short commutes, balanced lifestyles and sky-high productivity beckon. Through flexible working, you’re set up for success, wherever you want to be.

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