Fertility is not a treatment, it’s a journey

IVF has been around for 40 years, yet the way fertility care is accessed hasn’t really changed. In today’s day and age, we can customise phones, houses and holidays, yet not one of the most intimate, personal journeys a woman or couple can go through: the fertility journey.

In a world where technology answers questions before they are asked and solves problems before they are posed, why haven’t we been smarter about improving the fragmented experience that leads to the feelings of loneliness and uncertainty within the fertility landscape?

A hub for all things fertility, Apricity supports those trying to conceive from before any treatment begins to after it finishes, ensuring people feel cared for the whole way through. Anyone interested in fertility care or diagnostics starts by getting in touch with Apricity advisers, nurses who are available seven days a week to answer questions and offer guidance and support.

If interested in treatment, advisers recommend one of Apricity’s fertility diagnostic packages or a consultation with a doctor. Each individual’s needs and preferences are asked and heard, which enables advisers to create a personalised fertility plan that is as least disruptive as possible. Whether this means having blood tests at home, ultrasound scans near work or additional supportive counselling sessions remotely, the plan can be tailored as wished.

Apricity works only with excellent, carefully selected clinics and specialists who share a passion for truly outstanding fertility care, so patients know they’re in good hands and looked after. Committing to support initiatives such as the Fertility Network’s Patient Pledge helps to highlight the importance of the support Apricity is so proud to offer.

Apricity is here to change fertility care by helping women and couples take control of their journey

Before, during and after treatment, Apricity advisers are by the patient’s side, a tap away for support, guidance and administrative help, from booking appointments to chasing results.

Transparency is also a core value, so prices are always shown upfront. No confusion over what’s included and, perhaps best of all, patients don’t pay extra for the additional benefits Apricity provide. The cost of IVF or other fertility treatments is the same as clinics’, but starting with Apricity means you get the extra perks.

To tackle the information gap and confusion that IVF patients often feel, Apricity offers a revolutionary app that shows users where they are in their fertility journey and offers a library of educational, medically certified content. From articles on symptoms likely to accompany medication, tracks for meditation and videos to demonstrate how to inject, the content empowers users with information. The Apricity app also sends discreet medication and appointment reminders alongside tips on how to prepare for every appointment.

Caroline Noublanche, chief executive of Apricity, says: “Apricity is here to change fertility care by helping women and couples understand what’s involved from the start, enabling them to take control of their journey as it suits them and feel like they are not alone in the process.”

This way, patients feel they are cared for. Women and couples understand that while they are not in the pilot’s seat, selecting medical protocol and administering drugs, they are also not the passenger. They are the co-pilot, who sees and understands what is happening and feels the warmth of support whenever needed. Apricity is the mother that knows best, the sports coach who knows the game, the friend who holds your hand during a difficult time.

A warmer, more empowering fertility journey: that’s the Apricity way.

For a complimentary phone call with an Apricity adviser please call +44(0)115 824 3928 or visit www.apricity.life