Embracing agility to stay ahead of media disruption

As consumers continue to embrace innovative technologies that enable them to watch content whenever and wherever they wish, conventional business models are under pressure to adapt.

From production to distribution, discovery and monetisation, the entire media value chain is undergoing unprecedented change. Increasing demand for high-quality content on a range of platforms is adding strain to content creators and distributors, that need to be able to satisfy the needs of every screen, anytime, everywhere, in any language or any market.

Irruption of wearable mini-screens and self-driving cars will only increase such demand, so how can content creators succeed in this fiercely competitive environment? Dalet statistic

“Due to the explosion of content and the ways of watching it, a new kind of battlefield is emerging in the media and entertainment landscape: how do you make your content discovered and chosen by your viewer? To fulfil audience requirements there is a need to produce more and better content adapted to their micro-needs,” says Kevin Savina, director of product strategy at Dalet, a leading provider of solutions and services for media organisations and content professionals.

This new landscape is enabling content creators and owners to reach their viewers directly without the need for distributors, at the same time as broadcast companies join forces to create more compelling offers to attract and retain viewers. It is clear that, as the industry transforms, a focus on a meticulous video-on-demand “search and recommend” user experience is essential to capture subscribers’ attention, keeping them interested and engaged.

By making use of artificial intelligence and machine-learning, content creators are able to leverage data that augments the value of their assets, making their operations more efficient and reducing the time staff members spend on repetitive manual tasks. This frees them up to focus on higher-value creative work.

Dalet offers a unique media asset management and orchestrated content supply chain platform providing well-integrated, end-to-end editorial and back-office workflows, smart feedback loops and comprehensive metadata management.

“All the tools to support an intelligent media factory, including the storage and referencing of media assets and their deep metadata description, powerful orchestration specialised for media operations, and editorial tools to create, edit and package content, are provided by Dalet,” says Bea Alonso, Dalet’s director of product marketing.

By embracing the benefits of video content to attract followers, consumers or subscribers, firms in industries such as retail, banking and manufacturing can stay one step ahead of less agile businesses. Deploying an intelligent media factory, which keeps the marginal cost of adding a new workflow, distribution channel or content type very low, plays a central role in this journey.

“With nearly 30 years of expertise working with media companies, Dalet has been involved in several digital revolutions. Add to this the ability to support the changing needs of the industry through SaaS [software-as-a-service] and subscription models, configurable back-end platforms, poly-cloud support and open APIs [application programming interfaces]. Few media management providers can state the same,” says Mr Savina.

In the past, powerful video creation and distribution tools were predominantly used by major media organisations, studios and broadcasters. But media management solutions are now being utilised by countless businesses, in a diverse array of sectors, which are seeing the value of video content.

From sporting organisations such as the National Rugby League, Arsenal Football Club and Germany’s Bundesliga, to leading brands such as Audi, the ability to offer an extremely rich video engagement experience to fans is becoming increasingly important.

“As viewers drive the video revolution, both content creators and tech providers need to respond fast. Companies are now fully aware that the best way to engage consumers is through multimedia content and Dalet is well positioned to guide leading organisations to make the most of this shift,” Ms Alonso concludes.

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