Eightfold AI is the next step in talent acquisition and management

Artificial intelligence holds the key to reducing bias and getting the best candidates across all talent processes

Hiring the right candidates can be difficult, but companies are increasingly using technology to help in the search for the right person to fill a role. Too much tech, however, is simplistic, using basic tools such as keyword filtering rather than looking holistically at the candidate’s skills and exploring their potential.

This is where Eightfold AI comes in. Let’s take an example. Instead of bulk rejecting applicants for not having ‘leadership’ included in their CV, the AI can dig deeper to gauge how someone’s career trajectory may embody skills and experiences that demonstrate leadership. The ideal candidate may be the one you never considered in the first place.

As a result, employers are less reliant on questions like ‘Where did you go to college?’ and instead can focus on the skills being brought to the table. A candidate may very well have gained certain skills at university. Or, they may not have had the money. They may have built their portfolio through certifications, on-the-job learning, the military or other means.

What matters when people use Eightfold AI is what they know and what they can do, regardless of where or how they gained that knowledge and skill.

On top of that, the AI takes into account adjacent skills. Let’s say there is a gender imbalance in candidates who are proficient with a particular computer language, such that fewer women list it on their CV. Eightfold measures their potential to learn that language, not just whether they know the language now.

Personal characteristics, such as gender, age or ethnicity, are never used in making a match

This means a woman who, based on her knowledge of one computer language, has shown the potential to pick up a second computer language quickly can be considered for hire. This opens up access to tech jobs for many women who may otherwise have dealt with systemic barriers to entry.

It’s important to point out that personal characteristics such as gender, age or ethnicity are never used in making a match. The AI is purely focused on skills matching throughout the platform.

We also offer candidate masking to eliminate unconscious biases that may stem from CV items that could infer gender or race. For example, Jane Doe would become JD and a women’s college education could be abstracted at the screening stage to avoid the inference that the candidate is female.

Additionally, Eightfold AI customers use diversity analytics. These aren’t simply reports saying there is a diversity problem. They show where in the hiring process the challenges arise and in what department or location or under which manager.

It could be that people from certain underrepresented groups are dropping off the career site more often than others. Or, maybe they are dropping off after an initial screen, after an onsite interview or after receiving an offer.

If a particular requirement is irrelevant to the job posting, but filtering out one group more than another, companies would be able to see this impact in real time and recalibrate the role requirements to be more inclusive. For instance, is requiring an MBA degree for an entry-level insurance role really necessary if it’s cutting down your female candidate pipeline to 30%?

Eightfold AI talent intelligence platform integrates insights about employees – their skills, capabilities, experiences, career aspirations, performance, demographics, learning needs and development opportunities – and uses this information to help people find the right opportunities for them. In essence, it is the backbone of integrated talent management, matching people to opportunities.

AI talent management transforms how enterprises and public sector organisations hire, retain and grow a diverse global workforce. And an organisation that hires well significantly outperforms its competition.

Eightfold AI delivers significant return on investment with faster hiring, greater diversity and higher staff retention, empowering employees and giving them a better experience.

Good data creates great results and AI is the way to make the most of this opportunity. Learn more at Eightfold.ai

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