Build legal automation tools without code

Technology can free legal departments from repetitive, low-value work, allowing time to concentrate on more important matters

Ask any in-house legal team what is the most unwelcome aspect of their operation and they will respond that they simply have too much work and not enough time.

Drill down even further and the reality will emerge that these teams are tasked with too much repetitive, low-value work, with not enough access to the technological solutions and automation that would enable them to optimally deliver their legal services.

As the leading no-code workflow and automation platform, Checkbox is on a mission to solve this frustration and allow legal departments the opportunity to turn their supporting role into a strategic one by leveraging legal automation in any number of situations.

“No code platforms empower legal teams to build their own automation software using drag and drop,” explains Evan Wong, co-founder and chief executive of

“By offering LEGO block functionality, we can put the power of digital creation into the hands of legal teams, rather than offer them pre-designed technology that is narrow and not tailored to the specific needs of the team. Checkbox’s no code solutions are already helping a number of operations to do just this.” 

One of those operations is Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company, whose 150-strong in-house legal team was struggling to keep up with the volume of legal service requests coming from the company’s 25,000 employees. 

In just eight weeks, Checkbox’s no-code Legal Intake and Triage Solution changed things, as suddenly the lawyers were able to put up a digital front door for the many thousands of ad hoc requests that previously came their way through any number of channels.

No code platforms empower legal teams to build their own automation software using drag and drop

With the solution in place, any employee or department with a request could access it via the company’s intranet, provide complete and accurate information the first time round using digital smart forms, and have their need triaged based on business logic. This allowed the team to focus on the more complex, high-value legal work, automating away low-value, manual tasks, resulting in a saving of up to 13,000 hours of legal team time.

Manual tasks also consumed the time of the legal department at Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) until they too partnered with Checkbox, replacing legacy software with Checkbox’s solution, which allowed them to automate low-value workflows, like the population, drafting and signing of documents, as well as inter-departmental communications.

Using an underlying master template, documents like non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and memorandums of understanding, as well as a broad range of other business agreements, which used to occupy precious legal resources and time, became self-service, freeing teams to focus on high-value strategic work.

“We have automated NDAs so that 90 per cent are created automatically by the user without legal intervention,” says Richard Conway, CCA’s deputy group general counsel. “The 10 per cent that require legal intervention are now completed in hours rather than days.”

Taking just three weeks to be deployed, the impact of Checkbox’s solution could be quantified in the 1,000 documents it created, saving the CCA team up to 2,000 hours of legal time. 

Of course, it’s inevitable that legal departments will end up as the “middle man” in any number of business processes, but what isn’t inevitable is this should become a huge drain on their limited resources.

Checkbox’s Approval and Review Solution allows legal teams the opportunity to deploy an end-to-end workflow that guides users through the processes themselves without drawing on valuable legal time and knowledge.

Users are prompted to provide appropriate reviewable input information as well as upload documents for review, while the solution alerts appropriate stakeholders to anything that requires further attention, and facilitates a digital signoff workflow across the business based on the delegation of authority.

The super fund HESTA was able to use Checkbox to do just this, automating away their team’s middle-man role in the review process and digitalising a complex procurement programme in just 12 weeks, enabling the business to process more than 2,000 procurements a year. 

These examples show that with the application of Checkbox technology teams can be gifted with a clear way out of the low-value work maze, allowing legal departments a chance to bring their considerable expertise to bear on the business as a whole and become a driver for future success.

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