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Latest figures from the National Office for Statistics show that UK GDP per worker is lower than that of all other G7 nations bar Japan.

After the economic downturn across the country in 2008, GDP dropped by 2.6 per cent in the first quarter of 2009. This had huge implications for the UK workplace and companies were forced to reduce their costs while at the same time increase productivity.

Many UK workplaces have become smarter in their use of space and have developed more efficient and new ways of working, many other workplaces have still not achieved this.

More than eight million UK employees now work in an open-plan workplace and many of these are still not optimally designed. The basic open-plan environment often fails to support a variety of work processes alongside other areas that are available for different tasks.

Some 70 per cent of those surveyed in Gensler’s 2016 Workplace Survey claim they do not have a choice of when and where to work.

Nowy Styl Group can support the creation of engaging workplaces at the very start of the process

The Nowy Styl Group aims to support its customers in designing and furnishing every aspect of the modern-day workplace. At the early stages of the design process we offer clear advice on effective and intuitive design, drawing on a wide range of theory and knowledge. We believe that an engaging and agile workplace is based on three key aspects, all of which need to be considered in tandem together as one concept informs the outcome of another. These are people, process and place.


People: Attracting and retaining the right people for any given role is of the upmost importance in today’s modern organisation; the cost involved in replacing staff is just one downside of a high staff turnover. The trust and experience gained by a team can often be at the heart of a successful organisation, if this is interrupted regularly by people moving on, the damage caused goes way beyond that of a monetary value.

There are many white papers and websites that offer valuable information on how to retain talent, all include theory around motivation, autonomy, loyalty and flexibility. These are all valuable lessons to consider when aiming for workforce engagement.

According to a recent survey by Deloitte, while 87 per cent of organisations cite culture and engagement among their top challenges, almost two thirds of executives do not feel they are effectively driving this desired culture within their business. There are varied examples of research that show a strong link between employee engagement and workplace design.

Process: It is important that we are familiar with all the processes that take place within our organisation, we then need to examine these processes and consider the tasks undertaken, collaboration between departments and relationships across the company. This, in turn, gives us valuable insight into how our workplaces are used.

According to the Gensler workplace survey, legacy workplace behaviour and lack of choice are proving to be a drag on performance. Having the variety and freedom to work wherever and whenever is the most effective key to performance. Employees who rate their organisations highly on innovation also report having a wider choice of spaces to work.

Place: As the hierarchical landscape of today’s workplace continues to flatten, with a variety of teams taking on specific tasks, the need for managerial offices is disappearing. However, a range of spaces that facilitate team work of different kinds is needed more often.

UK workers are still using desks for most of their daily activities. This can be detrimental to performance. A variety of spaces must be considered and planned alongside flexibility of choice regarding when and where to work. This type of innovation must also be embedded in a culture shift, which both embraces and encourages empowerment and autonomy.


We are here to collaborate and help you realise your workplace visions and goals.

Nowy Styl Group can support the creation of engaging workplaces at the very start of the process.

By leveraging a range of our services and product ranges, all designed to support productive and activity-based working concepts, we can incorporate the people, process, place principles. It is our goal to match the space to the need. Employees who report that the spaces in their offices are assigned by job requirement, rather than hierarchy, are much more likely to report an optimal workplace experience.

We manufacture a range of beautifully designed furniture covering all areas of today’s workspace. To support all our products we offer consultations, space planning and visualisation services as well as training and support on workplace design and product ergonomics.

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