AgileCraft is a SaaS delivered solution for your enterprise software needs

The challenge is how to keep your business and technology aligned so you can innovate like a startup. Think of how Amazon has evolved from bookseller to worldwide leader in retail and cloud services. Apps such as Gett and Uber are disrupting the way we move around; the way we pay bills and move money around.

These changes are happening now. Everyone is a competitor and change is constant. Software is a strategic enabler for your business’s survival. Of course, survival is optional and the choice is yours. Take the first step and choose AgileCraft today.

AgileCraft helps you get the right stuff done.

Scaling your lean and agile philosophies will drive your business at startup speed. We enable you to deliver your solutions with three key principles in mind: visibility, alignment and predictability

An AgileCraft deployment begins with visibility in mind. What are we working on? Which team is working on it?  Do we have capacity?  What do our budgets look like?  These are a few of the questions that we know you and your teams wrestle with on a daily basis.

AgileCraft enables you to make sense of your team-level data by creating a lens of productivity to those applications being used by engineering teams globally. Having visibility and actionable intelligence from the software creation domain of the business is a key step to shorten the feedback cycles between customers, business and engineering.

AgileCraft empowers you to bridge the information gap, collaborate in real time and make effective value-based decisions

Furthermore, AgileCraft enables business leaders to define and seamlessly share the strategic vision – the why – with the software delivery and technology operations parts of your business. Depending on your organisation culture, this level of top-down and bottom-up visibility can be a powerful moment of truth that leads to necessary decluttering and detox.

Visibility leads to alignment. Transparently sharing all the data empowers your teams to focus on bringing your products to market knowing your execution is linked to strategy. With alignment the teams can focus on minimal experiments to explore or exploit market opportunities.

When work appears on the backlogs that does not align with the strategy, the teams have a stronger case to make the right choice and stop unaligned work which maximises the amount of work not done.

Alignment is further strengthened through mature techniques of value-based engineering, accelerated learning and rapid value delivery. Lack of visibility to real-time, connected information is one of the top reasons why projects fail. AgileCraft empowers you to bridge the information gap, collaborate in real time and make effective value-based decisions.

Build upon the visibility and alignment to achieve predictability. Working with agility across the iron triangle of people, work and time, AgileCraft offers an execution solution that will enable all parties to set and keep commitments with improved predictability. Removing the mystery from planning and execution will foster respect and trust across all teams.

The path to agility needs agile solutions. AgileCraft will grow with you as your organisation continues on its agile journey, mindful all the time of the need to evolve. Your business is evolving, your customers, whether internal or external, are evolving, your market is evolving. It’s upon your business to evolve too. Some 52 per cent of companies have fallen away from the Fortune 500; they haven’t evolved to market dynamics.

Getting your solutions to market faster, with greater quality is the shared objective of an AgileCraft deployment. Some of the greatest brands on the planet work with us to digitally transform their businesses. Improve your ability to compete and your time to market by talking to AgileCraft.

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Written by: Mark Dallimore, VP AgileCraft