Special reports in The Times / The Sunday Times

Generating brand awareness in B2B is hard. And engaging and influencing senior decision makers is even harder. What’s more, it’s very difficult to do cost-effectively, at scale.

It doesn’t need to be. 

Through the reach of The Times or The Sunday Times, Raconteur’s special reports bring B2B brands and business leaders together. Each report is focused on a specific topic or industry providing a relevant, contextual environment for you to communicate your message directly to the C-suite.

Published exclusively for The Times or The Sunday Times, across print and tablet, all of Raconteur’s special reports commit to high-quality journalism and first-class production values, filling key information gaps for our readers to aid their decision making.

We produce over 80 special reports a year, covering technology, finance, healthcare, legal, HR, marketing and sustainability. Each report is 16-24 pages long and explores the most pertinent topics through in-depth editorial analysis, opinion pieces and striking infographics.

By maintaining a strict balance between independent editorial content (70%) and branded content (30%), B2B brands can piggyback on Raconteur’s highly-engaged audience and capture their attention at a key point - the moment they realise they may have a problem.

Did you know?

75% of readers look at every advert on a printed page (source: Lumen)

Print adverts are viewed for 2-3 times longer than the average digital advert (source: Lumen)

Campaigns involving leading newsbrands are 37% more likely to deliver market share growth (source: IPA Databank UK)

Campaigns using news brands are three times more likely to increase customer loyalty (source: IPA Databank UK)

Campaigns using news brands are 9% more likely to drive sales and 58% more likely to deliver profit (source: IPA Databank UK)

13%-20% of a total B2B marketing budget should be dedicated to print in order to maximise your campaign profit return on investment (PROI) (source: Newsworks)

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