World of Coffee II 2011

In this report

  • Costa lotta?

    Inflation and commodity prices may push up the cost of a cup of coffee. But is there a foam ceiling above which it just becomes too much? Simon Brooke reports

  • Bean counters

    Coffee used to be a utilitarian drink. Now, increasingly, it is a connoisseur product, assessed with all the attention to flavour paid to fine wines and whiskies, writes Sarah Jane Evans

  • Coffee à la carte

    For chefs, coffee used to mean merely the multiple shots downed to keep them going through long shifts. Now it is increasingly likely to be used in their dishes, savoury as well as sweet, as Bill Knott discovers

  • Taking the strain

    In the West a cup of coffee is largely taken for granted. But environmental change poses a real threat to the crop and to the farmers who manage it. Simon Brooke looks at scientific and social moves to protect beans and livelihoods alike

  • Speaka da caffe?

    The sheer breadth of variation in cups of coffee now available has brought with it a sometimes bewildering new lingo. Nicholas Barber asks whether it reflects customer choice, sales hype or a certain romance?

  • Just add water

    Much denigrated by coffee buffs, instant is still the kind of coffee drunk by most people. But now the industry is taking steps to make a claim for quality too, as Josh Sims discovers