Future of Insurance 2020

56 per cent of insurance experts now rank pandemics and infectious diseases as a top risk, alongside climate change and cybersecurity. Our Future of Insurance special report, published in The Times, explores the use of AI to predict black swan events, freelancer support, riot insurance, and more. The featured infographic zooms in on the various technologies that will continue to heavily disrupt the sector

In this report

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  • Duck Creek advertorial

    The evergreen insurance technology revolution

    The last six months have highlighted the strategic importance of technology in enabling new operating models and streamlining processes. But too many insurers still spend the majority of their IT budgets just keeping the lights on, when far better solutions are out there, and this has to change, says Bart Patrick, Duck Creek Technologies managing director for Europe

  • Appian roundtable

    Digital transformation in insurance

    Insurers were already on a digital journey at the start of 2020. A virtual roundtable of six insurance industry experts discuss whether coronavirus has hastened the pace of digitalisation