Financial Services Technology 2015

The UK’s burgeoning financial technology scene is estimated to be worth £20 billion in annual revenues. With investment and business opportunities flooding into the capital, London looks set to win the battle for fintech supremacy globally, but there is room for improvement. This report examines the latest UK fintech trends, the cost of being hacked, tips on regulatory compliance and data analysis, the 25 hottest fintech companies in the world, and the need for an "Uber" of the banking world to shake up antiquated technologies and poor customer experience

In this report

  • Cost of being hacked

    The cost of being hacked

    Cyber security is no longer a mere matter of compliance and is now one of the primary business imperatives that financial services firms must address

  • Chris Skinner

    No sign of ‘Uber Banking’

    The smartphone revolution has radically restructured every industry from booking a trip (TripAdvisor), a room (Airbnb) or a taxi (Uber), but where’s the Uber of banking? There isn’t one yet and consumers will soon defect to new players unless high street banks wake up, says Chris Skinner, chairman of the Financial Services Club