Eye Health

In this report

  • Getting older affects sight

    As we grow older, our eyes change and sight may deteriorate. Older eyes are also more vulnerable to disease, much of which is preventable. Lilian Anekwe reports on the lifecycle of seeing

  • Mapping key eye conditions

    Research shows that more than 90 per cent of us are more scared of losing our sight than any of our senses. Yet many of us still take our eyesight for granted. Liz Bestic looks at how the eye works, what can sometimes go wrong and how best to care for our vision

  • Food for sight

    Research suggests eye health can be maintained through good diet or nutritional supplements. The age-related eye disease study found that people taking certain vitamins and minerals were less likely to develop cataracts and advanced age-related macular degeneration, writes Yvonne Gordon

  • Causes of sore, dry eyes

    Computer screens and modern living can contribute to dry eye syndrome which is increasingly an occupational hazard for millions in the UK, as Yvonne Gordon reports