Corporate Treasury 2014

Corporate treasury departments must now evolve from a processing unit to a division which contributes to strategic enterprise planning. This increased visibility means mounting pressure on corporate treasurers. This report identifies key areas in treasury management where focus is to be paid: better managing financial risk, keeping up-to-date with new regulation and capitalising on investment opportunities, including cloud-based treasury solutions.

In this report

  • Know your bank to trust your bank

    During the last decade, most corporate treasurers have reversed direction from consolidation to duplication of their bank relationships as trust in banks collapsed due to the financial crisis. Chris Skinner, chairman of the Financial Services Club, chief executive of Balatro and author of Digital Bank, asks is this a reversible trend or one that will continue?

  • Rewriting rule book after crisis

    As the financial landscape continues to evolve in the wake of the 2008 banking crisis, corporate treasurers must keep pace with resulting new regulation which could have knock-on effects for corporations, writes Rebecca Brace