Really know your school’s data

Can you evidence that you know every child’s data and show how you are helping each individual to reach their full potential?

Here’s our take on what you need to demonstrate to the schools inspectorate Ofsted when it comes to the consistent use of data:

REALLY USING DATA – Does your data inform decisions and drive improvement? Ofsted wants to see evidence that it’s data, not guesswork, behind your plans.

PROGRESS IS THE KEYWORD – Are all children progressing at the same rate no matter what their background? Can you prove this to ensure every child achieves?

BEING COMFORTABLE WITH DATA – Can all your teachers and senior leadership teams identify the strengths and weaknesses of every pupil, and see where improvements can be made?

DATA-DRIVEN INTERVENTIONS – Can you assess and identify groups, such as those who have English as an additional language, so that interventions can be targeted correctly, and can you prove the impact of these interventions?

Ofsted wants to see evidence that it’s data, not guesswork, behind your plans

PUPIL ACHIEVEMENT – Can you demonstrate that the gaps are narrowing between the performance of different groups of pupils, both in the school and nationally?

BEHAVIOUR – How do you demonstrate consistent management of behaviour, pupils’ attendance, punctuality and safety?

QUALITY OF LEADERSHIP – Can you easily identify strengths and weaknesses at individual, cohort, class or whole-school level, and use these findings to drive school improvement?

By understanding your data, you’ll be able to show a clear path towards improvement based on facts, not guesswork, and that’s what Ofsted wants to see.

We understand the challenges of managing school data thanks to years of experience providing RM Integris, the UK’s number-one cloud-based management information system (MIS).

We can show you how you can really use your school’s data to raise attainment.

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