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Product Lifecycle Management

Jun, 2017

Product lifecycle management or PLM was once a niche discipline, but has been transformed by digital technology and now many sales, operations and customer service executives depend on it. The Product Lifecycle Management special report, published in The Times, reveals how digital is transforming this sector, how technology is revolutionising fashion manufacturing and examines the concept of digital twinning. The report also covers how the internet of things is changing production and includes a pull-out infographic charting the impact of plastic on the planet


Some eight million tonnes of plastic are dumped in the ocean every year, equal to five grocery bags of plastic on every foot of coastline around the world, according to Ocean Cleanup. And with annual production set to soar to more than one billion tonnes by 2050, manufacturers, retailers and consumers must take responsibility to reuse, recycle and close the loop on plastic waste. View the infographic to find out more