Natural and organic beauty at an affordable price

Constant exposure to pollution and the chemicals all around us in today’s modern world inevitably takes its toll.

Not only do these environmental toxins make our hair and skin look thirsty, greasy and dull, but they also play a part in the ageing process. A disquieting study recently revealed the heavy price that most of us pay for living in our polluted cities: by the age of 40 we can each expect to look a year older than we actually are.

The best way to enhance the natural beauty of your skin or hair is simply to use gentle, natural beauty products made from pure organic ingredients

So what’s going on? Pollution is made up of particles that are both naturally present in the environment and come about as a result of human activities. When these nano-particles come into contact with the skin, they disturb the skin’s collagen, compromising both its structure and thickness. The skin’s exposure to these nano-particles in pollution coupled with UV exposure leads to increased premature ageing. This process is termed free radical damage.

Thankfully there is an alternative. The best way to enhance the natural beauty of your skin or hair is simply to use gentle, natural beauty products made from pure organic ingredients. These pure plant-derived extracts naturally originate from the Earth instead of being produced in a lab. They contain no pesticides, animal-derived or genetically modified ingredients.

There are other good reasons for choosing natural and organic, such as:

Pure ingredients

Organic beauty products contain pure, whole ingredients that include the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your skin needs to be healthy. Avoiding unnecessary synthetic ingredients differentiates organic skincare from other beauty products. Organic ingredients are also grown without the use of pesticides, many of which are toxic to human health and the environment


No hidden additives

Buying organic means you will not find unkind ingredients in your beauty products. In mainstream skincare brands, these can range from harsh preservatives, such as parabens and formaldehyde, to SLS which is an ingredient that creates lather in shampoo and body wash, but may irritate the skin.
Animal friendly

While many mainstream products are tested on animals or include animal-derived ingredients, you will find most organic beauty brands do neither of these things.

To be certain you are buying from a cruelty-free range, look for the Leaping Bunny logo. This certification guarantees that no cats, dogs or fluffy bunnies were harmed during manufacture. To ensure they contain no animal components, look for vegan certification. Vegetarian-certified products may still contain animal milk or even ingredients made by bees, such as manuka honey, beeswax and propolis.

Planet friendly

Organic beauty products are the responsible choice for our planet. Not only are ingredients grown without being exposed to pesticides, but the end formulas are also free of components that are harmful to plant, animal and marine life. A prime example here is microbeads. Now banned in several countries, they have been found in the digestive systems of fish, where they release toxic chemicals and put a strain on their livers.

It’s all about the circle of life – treat the Earth with respect and she will respond by making the world we live in a healthier and safer place to be for everyone.

Buying ethically

We all know just how tricky buying ethically can be. It can be confusing and most of us are put off by the expense. This is where Avalon Organics comes in – it is all about natural and organic living at an affordable price.

Avalon Organics was founded on the belief that all beauty comes from the Earth and embodies the notion of combining modern science with ancient botanical knowledge. The company believes that both the Earth and life living upon her deserve respect.

To show this respect means behaving in an holistic and environmentally sustainable way. It is about redefining beauty from the inside out. Real beauty means nurturing body, mind and soul, while making sure the Earth stays as beautiful and healthy as you.


As testimony to this notion, Avalon Organics uses pure plant-based organic ingredients ranging from lavender and rosemary essential oils to quinoa protein, aloe and vitamin E from only trusted, certified sources. The aim is to ensure that every product is not just safe for humans to enjoy, but also safe for the Earth.

In addition, to prove the natural beauty brand practises what it preaches, each of its products is certified under well-respected organic standards: NSF.ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients or the USDA National Organic Program standard.

Along the same lines, Avalon Organics never tests its products on animals and will only use ingredients if suppliers can prove they have similar ethics. This commitment to kindness is represented by the Leaping Bunny logo, which appears on all its product labels.

The company even has its packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials combined with sustainably sourced paperboard to minimise its carbon footprint and lessen its impact on the Earth.

The secret of deep-rooted, natural beauty is to nourish the body holistically – body, mind and soul.

Avalon Organics: natural and organic beauty at an affordable price.

Avalon Organics products are available from Ocado, Whole Foods and selected Holland & Barrett, Waitrose supermarkets, and independent pharmacies and health food stores.