US immigration counsel in heart of London

As discussion about immigration reform ubiquitously floods the 24-hour news cycle effecting political waves across the global landscape, US business migrants continue to sail steadily through the swells.

At Greenwood Hanlon Kendrick (, a London-based US immigration law firm, the attorneys focus on two of the most popular visa routes for transnational companies and individual entrepreneurs: investor visas (E-2) and intra-company transferee visas (L-1).

In the firm’s experience, the E visa unit at the United States Embassy in London carries a reputable and efficient staff, creating a fair path for serious investors under the E-2 treaty rules. And with the expedited processing option (15 days) for L visas, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service offers a conducive and appealing bridge for multinational companies wishing to transfer employees to America’s shores.

US immigration lawyers in London have seemingly carved a comfortable niche into an international market teeming with hungry investors and expanding companies. GHK, a boutique firm in Mayfair, has positioned itself right in the heart of the community, mere metres from the US Embassy in leafy Grosvenor Square.

Greenwood Hanlon Kendrick offers its services to eligible foreign nationals and companies seeking temporary or permanent mobility to the United States

Eryn Hanlon (Wayne State University Law School, 2008) and Thomas Kendrick (Washington University School of Law, 2009) were themselves “Made in the USA”, and both are UK visa holders, having lived and worked in London for several years as US citizens. Joseph Greenwood (University of Surrey School of Law, 2010) grew up locally in Hampstead and was licensed in New York State in 2011. All three partners are under the age of 35 and have already obtained significant experience, ranging from representing their contemporaries in Silicon Valley startups, to assisting more seasoned entities, such as global recruiting firms in New York City.

Market analysts no doubt agree that as the US continues to blaze an economic trail out of the dark recession that has enveloped much of the last decade, foreign investment and expansion will be crucial factors in achieving domestic growth. Increased employment and market stimulation have historically been two positive effects of business immigration. To compete successfully in the modern commercial village, businesses, governments and investors must realise that traditional market barriers have been torn down by technology, and thus each must adjust their policies and plans to abide the global nature of commerce.

Greenwood Hanlon Kendrick offers its services to eligible foreign nationals and companies seeking temporary or permanent mobility to the United States. Initial consultations are free of charge and, as a matter of policy, free of firm gatekeepers, allowing each prospective client to discuss their matter directly with a partner. As the economy slowly rebounds and growth opportunities return, the need for US immigration counsel remains pervasive in our transatlantic culture.

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