At Raconteur we have responded to this challenge, delivering over 10,000 leads for some of the world’s best-known B2B brands. Getting contact details, however, is only half the battle.

Lead generation is the #1 priority for marketers (Hubspot, 2020). It will only become more critical as businesses seek to navigate worsening economic conditions.

We deliver engaged leads, not just contacts

This is why, here at Raconteur, we approach lead generation holistically to ensure we not only deliver ideal prospects, but highly-engaged and motivated ones. Our expertise as market-leading B2B publishers is key for this.

At the heart of all our lead generation campaigns is high-quality thought leadership. This means that your prospects receive genuine value in return for their data. Legitimate value exchanges like this generate positive brand sentiment and result in increased levels of trust and receptiveness to your brand further down the sales funnel.

Our process

To ensure that the content we create is relevant to your audience we help you identify exactly who they are, which subjects are likely to pique their interest, and what formats and types of content they will engage with. Once the digital content asset is produced, we gate it behind a data capture page and run highly targeted promotional campaigns through our extensive organic reach, and our award-winning partnership with LinkedIn.

Our content-first approach builds trust and engagement with your audience, setting you up for sales success.

Long-scroll report

You will work closely with Raconteur to develop an online report which incorporates a mixture of independent editorial and advertorial content.

Using tier-1 journalists we will ensure the report is of the highest possible standard, including key insights and addressing the business challenges which your prospects face. We combine this editorial rigour with design excellence to produce a visually stunning online report hosted on

Once the leads are generated, we pass them over to you, along with important engagement metrics such as dwell times, scroll depth and download numbers.


Depending on the audience you are looking to engage, a webinar could be more appropriate. Once again, we will collaborate with you on the key themes and pertinent take-aways we want the audience to have.

Hosted by a leading journalist, we will also invite an industry expert to help steer the conversation with one of your subject matter experts, with the potential to involve one of your key customers also.

Once recorded and edited, we will gate the webinar, run the promotional campaign, and guarantee an agreed number of views from the exact audience you are looking to engage.

Get in touch to find out how we can work with you to deliver engaged leads for your brand.