Innovative and cost effective: the next generation of IoT

As the internet of things has grown so have platforms required to build end-to-end IoT solutions that take data out of sensors, while there have also been innovations in data aggregation gateways, the software development kits for cloud and mobile integration.

However, all too often chief information officers and senior managers responsible for technologies wanting to solve their business problems with IoT find the platforms available in the market are complex or inflexible to implement an end-to-end IoT solution.

Though most of the existing platforms claim to be offering end-to-end solution implementation capability and flexibility to fit every technology, clients are often forced to buy these expensive pre-bundled platforms and in addition required to pay for costly platform customisations.

But now MoboDexter, a small yet fast-growing and innovative provider of niche IoT platform technology, has developed a solution that will overcome this problem.

PAASMER, a Platform as a Service, is flexible and versatile in the way in which it interfaces with existing IoT ecosystems so that it can be configured to meet the exact needs of almost any company, whatever its size, and whatever sector it operates in.

Chandramouli “Mouli” Srinivasan, chief executive and president of MoboDexter, bootstrapped the company in 2013 based out of New York with development centres in Bangalore and Singapore. MoboDexter last year signed Gartner Research as its adviser, and since then has been actively refining and validating its product strategy with Gartner analysts.

MoboDexter’s IoT Platform as a Service, named PAASMER, has been built with an inside-out approach from gateway upwards or downwards that makes it more versatile and flexible to integrate than existing platforms.

We believe customers will particularly appreciate the way in which our systems can be tailored to meet their exact needs

“Because of this approach we can easily and quickly integrate with any sensor, cloud or analytics provider,” says Mr Mouli. “This approach of platform is unique and will be the key to its success, appealing to the executives of leading companies, who are looking to build IoT solutions that can integrate with any system of their choice and drive down costs.”

PAASMER, which is appropriate for machine-to-machine and business-to-business sectors ranging from healthcare to mining, interacts at the gateway of a customer’s technology rather than going deeper than is necessary into the system. PAASMER has already partnered with leading hardware, cloud and analytics providers, and system integrators as part of the go-to-market strategy.

“We believe customers will particularly appreciate the way in which our systems can be tailored to meet their exact needs,” says Kavitha Gopalan, co-founder and chief marketing officer, who has been working on the new platform with colleagues for the last 24 months.

“What we are offering is more flexible, agile and affordable than anything else currently available on the market,” she explains.  “This really is the next generation IoT Platform as a Service.”