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Holding on to the sales ‘rock stars’ who perform best

The 270 nights of performing live on stage meant many a hard day’s night for the Liverpudlian boys, but they sure persevered and today we still recall their names.

The 10,000 hours of practice may have crafted The Beatles into an iconic band, but it has taken a social analyst more than 50 years to document the context that spawned a receptive audience.

Business, however, has little tolerance for either lengthy timescale.

So as a sales leader, how do you gauge the “social context” of your organisation; better still the social context of your consumers?

Enter OpenSymmetry…

Our consulting and software solutions allow you to look at and compare buying patterns and selling habits. Solutions are underpinned by commission structures that drive your salesforce to want to sell and exceed their targets.

How is this achieved? Let’s plot how we’ve delivered value to a famous large South African multinational.


  • Inconsistent sales practices
  • Federated approach, no telling who the top performers are – no way of comparing contribution back to the organisation
  • No sight of commission earnings through the month
  • Attracting and retaining talent became a big hurdle exacerbated by outdated compensation structures
  • True cost of sale not known at point of sale but only after commission spreadsheets are crunched weeks later.


  • Analysis of business strategy across the different divisions with the aim of developing a common framework of metrics that dictates success
  • Thorough modelling of the impact of changing the compensation structure – protect the organisation while at the same time rewarding handsomely those we deserve it
  • Well thought out change-management process – giving senior executives the freedom to discuss and steer their teams to adopt the improved structure, showing them the money
  • Rapid deployment of a robust reporting portal that flights commission attainment by individual, by team and by product.


  • Reduction in turnover of salesforce, holding on to the “rock stars” they want
  • Increased accuracy of reported commission data
  • Improved reliability in availability of reported data
  • Increased sales effectiveness through more transparent management information
  • Average operational time saving of approximately 40 hours per month per division
  • Reduction in number of payment queries from the salesforce.

Dr Seuss once said: “The answers are simple, it’s the questions that are complex.” This applies to successful sales teams; we believe in arming leaders with the knowledge to ask the right questions in real time.

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