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Future of Water

Oct, 2017

"If climate change is the wolf, water is its teeth.” Water shortage is arguably the biggest threat to life as we know it, and global organisations, governments and NGOs are ramping up efforts to curb the impact of dwindling quality water supplies. The Future of Water special report, published in The Times, features stark insights into what rising water consumption means for global health, political stability and agriculture. In addition, you’ll find an infographic documenting the tides of change in sea levels, and expert opinions on how linking food and energy can save water. Troubling facts, including how droughts in Russia influenced the Arab Spring, are met with glimmers of hope, as new water technologies offer the potential to quench world thirst


Despite decades of evidence, global warming remains one of the most contentious, politically charged issues, depending on where you live in the world. However, whether you believe in it or not, the impact that rising temperatures is having on our oceans is undeniable. While estimates of rising sea levels vary wildly among environmental experts, coastal erosion and shrinking land masses will have a real and irreversible effect on the Earth, and the choices we make today will determine the future of human life as we know it