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Future of Retail

Mar, 2018

The lives of consumers have changed irredeemably and it is time retailers followed suit. The Future of Retail special report, published in The Times, delves into what it takes for retailers to survive and thrive in the digital age. Social shopping is on the rise as Chinese instant messaging goliath WeChat presents a huge opportunity for retailers, while consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of the impact their purchasing habits have on the environment. Also featured is an infographic documenting smart shopping and automation in retail, as well as an article on the need for department stores to adapt or face possible extinction


Automation is now more than just a buzzword in retail. The industry usage of artificial intelligence (AI) hit headlines in early-2018 after Amazon officially opened its first checkout-less store in Seattle. Amazon Go has set the benchmark for an automated, seamless shopping experience, with many predicting mass rollouts of the concept worldwide over the next decade. However, facial recognition and product-tracking are not the only technologies making their way into stores and retail supply chains of the future...