Venn Healthcare: raising the standard in aesthetic medicine

Venn Healthcare, a leading supplier of aesthetic devices, offers not only the highest standards in technology and training, but also a groundbreaking way to ensure the best treatments, every time.  

Patient safety, research and proven efficacy are key to all we do

Advances in non-surgical skin treatments have transformed the anti-ageing landscape. Innovative devices can lift, brighten, tighten and even volumise skin in a way that was previously impossible without resorting to surgery.

While aesthetic technology has advanced rapidly, the regulations governing the industry have not kept up. Many clinics are doing a great job; however, in a new survey 58 per cent of dermatologists and plastic surgeons said they had treated patients for complications caused by non-surgical procedures.

The survey by the Clinical Standards Authority for Non-Surgical Cosmetic Interventions and Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners highlights what they describe as a “need for improved training and oversight” in the aesthetics industry.

As a result, Chris Schiel, chief executive of Venn Healthcare, has introduced an unprecedented 360-degree package of training, support and audit tools for clinics. “Venn Healthcare’s ethos stems from its medical background. Patient safety, research and proven efficacy are key to all we do,” he says.

“We are the exclusive UK distributors for three trusted global companies, K-Beauty brands Lutronic and Classys, and Swiss-based Storz Medical, all with state-of-the-art devices and a growing share of the global market. We partner with leading clinics in the UK, and train and educate clinicians to the highest standards.”

And now, says Mr Schiel, Venn Healthcare has moved another step forward encouraging participation in ASSERT, a transparent system for clinics to gather independent, unbiased, measurable and long-term data on aesthetic treatments.

Professor Nicola Maffulli, ASSERT’s joint principal investigator, says: “ASSERT has a proven track record in orthopaedic and sports medicine, has international ethics approval and is accepted by NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, and the NHS. This is a unique opportunity to deliver the same benefits into the aesthetics arena.”

By collecting specific data on results over time, including patient satisfaction, quality of life outcome measurements and complications, ASSERT helps clinics to manage patient expectations, improve their protocols and know when a particular practitioner could benefit from the latest training to achieve even better results.

Fellow joint principal investigator for ASSERT, Dr Tapan Patel of PHI Clinic in London’s Harley Street, says: “Applying NHS auditing standards in non-surgical aesthetics is an exciting development and a sign of our commitment to achieving the best results for our patients. We hope collecting independent data on patients’ results becomes an industry-wide initiative.”

Esther Fieldgrass, founder of EF MEDISPA, welcomes the system, adding: “I’m always eager to incorporate new ways to improve results and customer satisfaction.”

The ASSERT protocol can be applied to all Venn Healthcare’s treatments, including its newest device, Lutronic’s LASEMD laser cosmeceutical delivery system, launching exclusively at PHI Clinic. The LASEMD combines fractional laser energy with bespoke vitamin serums to boost the skin’s ability to heal itself from the inside out. The no-pain, no-downtime treatments come with Venn Healthcare’s promise of results delivered with care.

Mr Schiel concludes: “We want every patient treated with a Venn Healthcare device to know they can relax with the confidence of knowing they are in the best possible hands.” 





EF MEDISPA, founded by Esther Fieldgrass in 2006, offers a host of advanced treatments in four stylish, award-winning clinics in Kensington, Chelsea, St John’s Wood and Canary Wharf.


3D SkinLift by Ultraformer

Ultrasound energy penetrates deep below the skin for immediate and long-lasting lifting and tightening effects on both the face and body. The no-downtime treatments take 30 to 45 minutes. One to four sessions give the best results.  

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PHI Clinic


Founded by internationally renowned cosmetic dermatologist Dr Tapan Patel, the multi-award-winning PHI Clinic in Harley Street offers state-of-the-art non-surgical procedures with five-star service.

Lutronic Infini

Radio frequency waves are delivered deep into the skin via gold-coated microneedles for noticeable wrinkle reduction, collagen boosting, skin tightening and plumping. Infini can be used on the face and body. One to three treatments are required, with best results seen after four to six weeks.


The LASEMD “baby-face laser” creates microscopic channels in the skin to allow delivery of advanced cosmeceutical compounds to the deepest layer of the skin to trigger repair and rejuvenation. Unique technology ensures nano-sized ingredients, such as vitamin C, retinol and resveratrol, stay fresh without preservatives. Treatments can improve wrinkles, skin-sagging, loss of volume, texture and pigmentation, with no downtime.

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Premier Laser & Skin Clinics

Led by managing director Lucy Xu, Premier Laser & Skin Clinics are proud to be one of London’s leading laser and skin destinations with eight high-tech skin clinics across London and Surrey.
The SPECTRA XT Carbon Peel Treatment is an effective solution for enlarged pores, pigmentation and overall skin rejuvenation. A carbon-based lotion is painted on to the face, after which a laser gently removes the carbon, while also exfoliating, decongesting pores and removing sebum, to leave skin looking clearer, fresher and more youthful. Laser energy also stimulates collagen production for tighter pores. Suitable for all skin types, with results seen after just one treatment.
0203 131 2843