Switch your skin back on

Skin specialists at ELEMIS have created a remarkable new skincare range that can revive your skin’s energy at a cellular level, with clinically proven results.

A revolutionary new understanding of skin ageing has paved the way for an innovative new skincare range.

Scientists have discovered that just like us, skin cells can lose their energy.  How? Within each skin cell are tiny powerhouses of energy called the mitochondria. These produce a substance called ATP, dubbed “the currency of life” and which plays a vital role in skin function and appearance.

When these mitochondria are at their peak, skin looks and functions as it did at its most youthful and healthy. Your skin cells can resist environmental damage and rebuild collagen and elastin for natural bounce, radiance and glow.

I wanted to create a system that would turbo-charge the skin from within, delivering true vitality to the complexion

However, ageing and the menopause, pollution, poor diet, sun-exposure, medication, smoking and stress all drain our skin’s bioenergy. The result? Skin looks dull, slack and, frankly, tired.

S&D_web_elemis_2But what if we could somehow switch our skin energy back on and reverse these changes? This was the remarkable idea behind ELEMIS’ most extraordinary skincare launch to date – BIOTEC Energising Skincare System.

Born out of a desire to revitalise skin from the inside out, BIOTEC skincare uses a patented, proven and groundbreaking cocktail of ingredients that combine the healing power of plants with the latest scientific technology. It has been proven to boost skin energy by an incredible 27 per cent.*

Noella Gabriel, co-founder and creator of ELEMIS therapies, explains: “Cell energy is crucial to skin health. I wanted to create a system that would turbo-charge the skin from within, delivering true vitality to the complexion. This is groundbreaking technology, where the best of science and the best of nature are harnessed for extraordinary results.”

Key to the power of the BIOTEC System is the ELEMIS BIO-ENERGY™complex. Ms Gabriel says: “The ingredients were carefully chosen. Copper exists naturally in our own skin tissue and is amazing at tissue regeneration. Zinc is a mineral and is key for overall skin health, and is also found in every cell in your body. They are encapsulated to preserve their effectiveness, where they kick-start cell energy.”

The ELEMIS BIOTEC Energising Skincare System consists of three highly effective products, which work synergistically together.

The BIOTEC Skin Energising Cleanser kick-starts the regime with a trio of powerful, skin-reviving acids – succinic acid, lactic acid and ferulic acid. These are delivered via an electrolyte solution containing trace elements and minerals to gently remove surface oils and impurities, while a moisture complex with alisma, sodium PCA and cranberry seed oil leaves skin soft and beautifully revived.

Follow this with the BIOTEC Skin Energising Day Cream, which also contains the BIO-ENERGY™ complex, plus the trio of acids blended with a potent phyto-bioactive, together with anti-ageing, plant-derived peptides and antioxidants.

At night, the BIOTEC Skin Energising Night Cream, powered by the BIO-ENERGY™complex and enriched by hydrating calcium PCA, helps to restore and revive skin,  so you wake up looking vibrant, smooth and radiant.

You can use the BIOTEC System as your year-round regime or as an energy-boosting supplement to make your preferred skincare even more effective.

And for ultimate skin beauty and health, the range is complemented by a choice of super-effective, clinically proven high-tech BIOTEC facials available at the most advanced spas and wellness centres, including ELEMIS’ luxurious flagship spa, The House of ELEMIS, in London’s Mayfair. These combine the pioneering BIOTEC ingredients with the latest skin technology for beautiful results, whatever your skin type or age.

“ELEMIS has always brought together the best of science and the best of nature,” says Ms Gabriel. “Together, they deliver ultimate skin wellness.”

*Independent test on BIOTEC Skin Energising Day Cream, based on glucose uptake test in 2014