An Austrian approach to skincare: invest in beauty from within

Sönd’s approach to skincare is simple – the better the health of your cells, the better your skin will look and the slower the ageing process will be. It’s this ethos that stands behind their tagline – Discover the best in you – a slogan that’s more a mission statement for a company determined to effect positive change in the lives of those with sensitive or reactive skin.

The brand and its product line are heavily influenced by the beliefs of its founder Markus Goess-Saurau. Although based in the UK for three decades, Markus goes back to his homeland of Austria five or six times a year and it was on one of these trips that a family friend introduced him to an exciting new breakthrough in silica for skincare.

After trialling the initial products with more than 100 family members and friends, the results Markus saw and the feedback he received couldn’t be ignored.

When you see first-hand how quickly and seemingly effortlessly silica products can improve the overall look of skin, it’s hard to ignore

“When you see first-hand how quickly and seemingly effortlessly silica products can improve the overall look of skin, it’s hard to ignore. It’s the main reason we offer our products in a mini trial-sized Starter Kit, so users can trial silica at a low cost to see the results for themselves,” he says.

After five years of running a successful digital marketing agency, which was acquired in 2003, Markus has been looking for his next project.

Seeing the impact silica could have on people’s lives, he took the opportunity to launch Sönd with a strong arsenal of Austrian silica and skincare experts in tow, and a determination to create products that really benefit the user by improving the overall health of skin.

“Silica has a multitude of skincare benefits, but what it’s really known for is collagen production. We are born with silica, but it depletes as we age. So in order to give the body back the silica it’s used up, we need to replenish it.”

In Austria 44 per cent of women use products positioned as natural and they want products that contain fewer or no chemicals, perfumes and alcohol. Austria is a forerunner in the wellness industry, well known for its “from the inside out” approach to beauty, hailed at clinics such as the Mayr and others across the country. The message in Austria is clear – invest in your skin now to reap the benefits down the line. And it’s a message that women in the UK are becoming more inclined to listen to.


Sönd has invested in this new welcome approach to skincare, developing a skincare range that not only includes facial products, but also silica supplements to be taken daily.

“As silica is such a powerful ingredient, we wanted to keep our products as simple and ‘clean’ as possible, so they can be used on even the most sensitive skins. Our Replenishing Facial Oil only has five ingredients, but it’s a product our users rave about.”

Markus has learnt a lot in the past four years since he first discovered the powers of silica, but he still holds a clear vision of what Sönd stands for.

“I took the word Sönd from the German ‘besonders’ which means ‘special’. I wanted Sönd to stand for something and bring about a change to people’s lives. The feedback from users so far has been incredibly motivating. To receive an e-mail from customers, who’ve struggled with their sensitive skin their whole lives, telling me they have the best skin they’ve ever had after discovering silica is something that really inspires and drives the Sönd team.”

Sönd will be at the Anti-Ageing Show in Olympia London this weekend. It’s also available to purchase online at or from Blush + Blow London, 174 New Kings Road, Fulham from June 9