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Headlines of fraud, insider trading, overcharging, poor service handling and mismanagement have all hit the outsourcing industry over recent years. High profile incidents such as the London 2012 Olympic Games have continued to be used as examples of what outsourcing has come to symbolise when reported in the media. As a result it is often vilified by the public.

However, the industry is rarely acknowledged for its successes, which are many, nor is its contribution to the UK’s economic health recognised. The outsourcing industry is ranked as the second biggest contributor to the UK’s GDP and was responsible for almost 8 per cent of the UK’s total turnover in 2013, contributing £14 billion in business taxes and £21 billion in income tax to the economy.

Further to this resounding success, the UK has a very real potential to become the global strategic hub in outsourcing and this could become the largest growth sector in the UK. This is thanks in part to the UK’s internationally renowned financial markets and legal systems, as well as time zone, transport links and English language.

A turnaround in terms of the industry’s reputation is key to this success. We want people to recognise that the outsourcing industry is a crucial economic contributor, as well as an exciting evolving industry, and as such capable of attracting top talent to a dynamic profession.

The UK has a very real potential to become the global strategic hub in outsourcing and this could become the largest growth sector in the UK

The world already looks to UK models for the latest and cutting-edge approaches in outsourcing. UK businesses are currently employing highly advanced and complicated models that build on past generational outsourcing contracts, creating opportunities for greater efficiencies and savings.

Our focus is on ensuring that all UK companies who are using outsourcing do outsourcing right. We are doing that by developing skills in the industry, training staff, building process excellence and driving performance.

The National Outsourcing Association (NOA) is committed to professionalising the outsourcing industry, and has developed a range of qualifications and courses to help the industry excel. By focusing on developing the core outsourcing skills, as well as the specific business skills required by outsourcing professionals to truly deliver, the NOA believes the UK will be recognised as the driver of world-class outsourcing.

As part of its focus on professionalising the outsourcing industry, the NOA is proud to announce the 2014 NOA Outsourcing Professional Awards.

The awards are designed to celebrate the individuals and teams who add the most value to their companies, partners and the global outsourcing industry. The awards ceremony, on Thursday September 4, will showcase individuals and teams who make a big difference, but often remain largely unsung in the wider context of the global outsourcing industry, and seek to highlight that, at the end of the day, it is people who make outsourcing work.

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