CIE: The Future of Market Research


Traditional methods of gathering and analysing data have stood the test of time for a reason. Facts International’s telephone and face-to-face interviews allow for human interaction on a global scale, which is necessary for maximising the insight opportunity.

Moving forward accuracy and quality will be key to achieving enhanced insights. Developing PowerProbe and PowerCode was the first step in CIE Group’s future-proofing programme. These applications allow for qualitative telephone interviews to deliver real-time quantitative insights. We haven’t forgotten face-to-face interviewing, we now merge traditional methods with sophisticated new technologies; geolocation tracking, eye tracking and path tracking now form key elements of our MRS Best Field Force award-winning offer.


Some 60 per cent of retail organisations fail to get the actionable insights they need to achieve a higher return on investment through analytics.

With customer experience being the buzzwords associated with retail loyalty and growth, the development of a Voice of the Customer programme, delivered digitally, has been crucial to CIE Group’s success. Our company Watermelon has led the way in this sector and with demand for the programme increasing exponentially, they have forever changed the way consumer insights are gathered and reported.


Early on, CIE Group recognised that agencies which ignore valuable digital content did so at their own peril. Converting the billions of social media feeds that are running worldwide every second of every minute of every day into strategic insights is a challenge that CIE Group has not only embraced, but specialised in. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are just a few of the digital media we use. They are data rich and offer organisations a unique opportunity to understand what clients and customers want, as well as track changes in trends over time.

The future of market research lies with agencies that successfully fuse reliable methods with enhanced techniques, and deliver programmes which are accurate and engaging


Commercial operations are no longer bound by the parameters of commercial definition. Public sector organisations along with charities and regulatory bodies now operate largely as commercial businesses with customers to compete for, objectives to fulfil and fiduciary responsibilities to stakeholders. Yet the not-for-profit sectors still present additional challenges, and CIE Group’s specialist opinion leaders have helped many of these organisations to evolve with the changes and develop programmes that enable them to navigate the future successfully.


Recruitment matters. The value of insight starts with surveying the right people at the right time. CIE Group struggled to recruit high-quality respondents consistently, so we solved the problem by launching our own in-house service Cherry Picked. Things have taken a huge turn for the better since we did this; in-house recruitment allows for fast, efficient, adaptable and importantly, cost-effective recruitment. We are now able to recruit respondents, who ensure research objectives are met, whether they are university students for general surveys or hard-to-reach decision-makers in the financial sector.

In summary, the future is where businesses are focused. Ways of getting the best quality data, most actionable insights and gaining maximum added value are all on the agenda.

The future of market research lies with agencies that successfully fuse reliable methods with enhanced techniques, and deliver programmes which are accurate and engaging. CIE Group are pioneering future-proofing in the market research industry and welcoming new partners along the way.

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