Sugar free, preservative free, refreshing and delicious: enter a new crusader in the battle against sugar

It’s not often that politicians are applauded these days, but there was widespread approval for a decision by the government, announced in March, to introduce a sugar levy on soft drinks. Many in the traditional soft drinks industry, though, are unhappy about the tax, which will be introduced in two years’ time in order to allow them to reformulate some of their recipes.

According to the Treasury, drinks that fall within the higher rate of the sugar tax include full-strength Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Lucozade Energy and Irn-Bru. The lower rate would catch Dr Pepper, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes Indian Tonic Water and alcohol-free shandy, among others.

Hey Like Wow, available at leading UK retailers from November, is a new range of drinks that contains fruit flavours without any added sugar, preservatives or ‘nasties’

A 330ml can of Coca-Cola contains 35g or seven teaspoons of sugar, more than the recommended maximum intake of sugar for those aged 11 and above. Experts point out that fizzy drinks aren’t necessarily regarded as a treat, unlike chocolate and cakes, and so people consume them more frequently. For teenagers, they’re the primary source of sugar intake.

“Five-year-old children are consuming their body weight in sugar every year,” George Osborne, the chancellor, told Parliament as he unveiled plans for the tax. As experts predict that more than half of all boys and nearly three quarters of girls could be overweight or obese within a generation, it was revealed diabetes and other illnesses related to obesity cost the economy £27 billion a year and put a huge strain on the NHS.

Against this background, it’s hardly surprising then that a new drink, which provides effective hydration with delicious fruit flavours, but without sugar or preservatives, is creating such a buzz in the food and beverage sector – and among parents too.

Hey Like Wow, which was launched in January and will be available at the leading UK retailer from November, is a new range of drinks that contains fruit flavours without any added sugar, preservatives or “nasties”.


Set to shake up the UK’s £15.7-billion soft drinks industry, it’s not just Hey Like Wow’s ingredients that are so innovative. The drink’s blast-cap technology allows you to deliver those ingredients to pure, natural mineral water as soon as you’re ready to drink it. This ensures that the vitamins are delivered in the most efficient, effective way and there’s no need for preservatives.

Hey Like Wow products have been carefully formulated to provide key nutrients such as vitamins B6, C and D plus calcium. The high-impact, differentiated brand packaging and structural bottle design convey the unique nature of the concept, and are created to appeal to both kids and adults.

“The war on sugar is one of the key issues being faced by food and drink manufacturers and retailers,” say the Hey Like Wow team. “As consumers and parents we were frustrated by the choice of soft drinks that were promoted as being healthy, yet in reality were anything but. It was clear to us that radical innovation was needed – and so that’s what we’ve done.”

The founders come from a wide variety of business backgrounds, but they’re united in their vision of producing a healthy, refreshing and delicious drink which is free from sugar and preservatives. They’re all equally passionate about Hey Like Wow and the health benefits that it offers to young people.

“We’ve brought together some of the most exciting and innovative players in the drinks manufacturing and cap technology industries to develop a range of products that look and taste great, but which have genuine health properties,” the team say. The water used in the drinks comes from the Alps and the natural fruit flavours have been sourced from Italy.

FFB_heylikewow_3Releasing the active ingredients with the blast-cap top really makes people stop and say “Wow!” But it’s not just the technology and concept that are very much on trend, it’s the taste too. The Hey Like Wow team have deliberately chosen flavours that are slightly unusual and have a contemporary feel, having been used by chefs and other innovative food producers in recent years. These include hibiscus, grape and pear, lemon, green tea and elderflower as well as dragon fruit and apple.

“We know from our market research, but also from talking to other parents that there is a real demand for this kind of exciting new drink,” the team say. They’ve commissioned a survey, carried out by Censuswide, which has revealed that a third of people believe there should be a tax on sugar. Nearly half of teenagers and young adults, aged 16 to 24, agree with the new controversial sugar tax, even though they’re the target group for most soft drinks.

Hey Like Wow has brought in a talented team of industry experts, each of whom has made the decision to live without consuming unnatural sweeteners and preservatives. They include Dr Sarah Schenker, one of the UK’s leading dieticians, a registered public health nutritionist and a best-selling author.

The plan is to grow the Hey Like Wow brand globally with an extensive marketing campaign including celebrity endorsement.

As governments, retailers and parents search for ways to cut down the amount of sugary drinks consumed by children and the population generally, Hey Like Wow looks set to revolutionise the soft drinks industry and, ultimately, help millions of people to lead healthier lives.

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