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The Future CIO

Jul, 2018

IT’s importance shows no sign of diminishing as it continues to rule every area of business. Consequently, it has never been more crucial to have the right chief information officer (CIO) on your team. The Future CIO special report, published in The Times, discusses the ever-changing role of this board member and technical expert, outlining the qualities needed to drive business forward. It explores how CIOs can deal with, and learn from, cybercriminals, as well as how they can use green IT to make businesses more sustainable. Also featured is an infographic exploring the most important tech to help businesses identify future skills gaps


As IT's boardroom presence and influence on corporate strategy increases, chief information officers (CIOs) need to be surrounded by talent that evolves at the same rate as technology. This infographic explores the most important technologies for businesses in the future to identify where the skills gaps are