Aiming to impress with more for less

To be honest it’s not the most exciting decision. Unlike designing a logo or creating an online marketing strategy, picking a payments provider isn’t going to get you rubbing your hands with glee. But it is an important decision. Payments providers differ wildly in terms of service quality, hardware and the extra services they can offer.

Kevin Hayler founded Annecto UK in 2012 to create a payments processor that British businesses could get excited about. “In terms of service there was a real gap in the market,” he says. “Our model means customers get their own dedicated business development manager. He or she will come out and see you, understand your business and what you need, and be on call whenever you need.”

Annecto UK offers the full range of payment processing services.

For in-store payments it provides a range of chip-and-pin terminals, sourced from the world’s most trusted hardware brands, and saves money on the electronic transactions.

For online payments Annecto UK enables transactions in a simple, secure environment, in a manner familiar to regular online shoppers. Online sales can be integrated into businesses’ wider stock management and financial software systems.

And over-the-phone transactions can be executed quickly and hassle free. The Annecto UK system is quick and easy to set up, and requires no integration.

Mr Hayler stresses that on price and quality he’ll beat the incumbent players. “We use state-of-the-art machines. And on price we’ll beat the banks. Customers utilise our buying power – we buy transactions at a discounted rate and pass the savings on.”

The motivation for creating Annecto UK stems from Mr Hayler’s long and distinguished career in the payments industry, including more than eight years with Barclaycard, and three years managing the smaller business (SME) portfolio for Bank of Scotland Merchant Services. “I saw the way the market worked and realised I could do so much better,” he says.

We offer cash as an advance of future card receipts – it’s like factoring

For example, Annecto UK offers workshops for new and existing customers so they can understand how to make the most of their payments systems.

The firm can also provide short-term finance. “We offer cash as an advance of future card receipts – it’s like factoring. We advance up to 100 per cent of the monthly card turnover of the business with this advance repaid by deducting a percentage of their daily future debit and credit card receipts,” he says.

“The advance is typically repaid in seven to nine months. No security needed, there are no upfront costs and the funds are advanced in five working days. The advantage is the repayment varies according to transaction levels, so it really suits small businesses.”

As new payments methods become popular, such as iPad and GPS-enabled loyalty-card integrated apps, Annecto UK will help customers utilise these new technologies with the aim of helping independent retailers increase footfall, in-store spending and customer loyalty.

Annecto UK is a sponsor of the Support for Independent Retail campaign, which provides help and support for smaller retailers. And it is a partner of Big Barn, the membership body of farmers’ shops and markets offering local produce direct. It’s all part of the philosophy of being as helpful as possible to ambitious entrepreneurs and smaller enterprises.

Having launched in February 2013, Annecto UK has already signed up 2,575 clients, including Leonard Jay suits and coffee retailer Chocolarr.

Mr Hayler is profoundly confident he can impress even the most demanding of clients. “If a potential customer phones me and asks, ‘Who are you? And why should we use you?’ I say don’t just listen to me. Let me give you a list of ten clients, talk to them and listen to what they say about me and Annecto UK. That ought to convince you.”

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