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Employee Engagement & Benefits

Jun, 2018

For organisations to operate at the highest level, their workforce must be as engaged as they are talented, and there are a number of ways to achieve this. The Employee Engagement & Benefits special report, published in The Times, covers how having friends at work and employers offering time off as an incentive can boost productivity, and how neuroscience can provide insights into employee sentiment. The report also features how maintaining engaged employees can safeguard a company’s sustainability and value, plus an infographic covering all you need to know about avoiding work-life imbalance


Employee engagement has improved considerably over recent years, and benefits such as remote working and flexi-time are now commonplace. However, changing workplace cultures are putting increasing demands on workers and threatening the work-life balance, with a quarter of employees saying they struggle to relax in their personal time because of work, according to the CIPD. Regular breaks and time off are some of the simplest and most important ways of staying productive at work, and yet UK employees are regularly skipping breaks and not taking their holidays