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Diversity and Inclusion

Feb, 2019

The future of business demands total diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and companies who pay no more than lip service will lose out. The Diversity and Inclusion report, published in The Times, shows how ignoring diversity will keep organisations for attracting top talent and how carelessness with language could be jeopardising inclusion efforts. It covers the untapped potential of neurodiverse employees and the rampant transphobia present in the workplace and how business leaders should be addressing it. Also featured are explorations into the threats unpaid internships and social media pose to inclusion and an infographic detailing the impact improving diversity can have on the bottom line


The moral and ethical reasons for diversity in the workplace are clearcut, and businesses should play their part in improving the standing of under-represented members of society. However, diversity is more than just an issue of fairness. The financial drivers are less well known and this lack of knowledge can often stand in the way of changing the status quo. So can improving diversity actually have an impact on the bottom line, and what can be done to drive change in an organisation?