No more dentures or missing teeth

“These are exciting times at Evodental,” says founder and clinical director Dr Rajesh Vijayanarayanan, who is known as Dr Vijay. “At the moment, patients travel to us from all corners of the UK and abroad. Giving patients a choice of centres will hopefully make their treatment experience with us more accessible and convenient.”

Dr Vijay is a leading practitioner in the field of complex oral rehabilitation, with a technology-led approach to dental implant solutions. He says: “We are committed to being at the forefront of the latest developments in bio-materials, bio-engineering and bio-technology, as well as using the most up-to-date clinical techniques. This ensures that our patients receive the best possible dental implant treatment outcomes.”

Evodental have developed their innovative Evo 1-Day Smile – a biomechanically superior version of the standard “all-on-4” dental implant procedure. “It can be distressing for anyone to be without their teeth for any period of time, so many of our patients welcome the benefits of the Evo 1-Day Smile when they can leave at the end of their treatment day with their new set of fixed teeth in place,” says Dr Vijay.

“We are a one-stop treatment centre with a dedicated on-site dental implant laboratory. All our experienced clinical, nursing, technical and prosthetic teams work together under one roof. This means our patients receive complete, fast and convenient treatment all in one location, and we can ensure optimal communication on treatment cases.”

Unlike most implant dentists, Evodental do not treat patients who require single or multiple dental implants around teeth. They only work with cases that require full jaw oral reconstructions.

My team and I are proud to be able to give a person back their smile

“Some of our patients have been suffering for decades with severe dental health problems and have numerous missing and failing teeth,” says Dr Vijay. “Others tell us how wearing full dentures is causing them extreme distress as they struggle to eat normally and no longer smile.

“Thankfully, we are able to treat over 99 per cent of people who come to us, even if they have been told by their own dentist that nothing more can be done or that they don’t have enough bone. A smile says so much about a person and when that smile is taken away, so is the person’s confidence and self-esteem.

“My team and I are proud to be able to give a person back their smile. Our patients tell us what we do is nothing short of transforming their lives – and that’s a fantastic thing to hear.”


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