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Feb, 2019

The ever-rising threat of cybercrime will continue to be a sword in the side of business leaders. Despite broad recognition of threats posed, the last few years have been marked by devastating, and often avoidable, cyber breaches. The Cybersecurity special report, published in The Sunday Times, challenges business leaders and policy makers on their terms, exploring threat detection, threat prevention, contingency planning and holistic security solutions. The report focuses specifically on the consequences for businesses: from reputational crises and business interruption, to crippling company valuations and dangerous talent shortages.


Employees, contractors and third parties with access to company data should all be considered when it comes to enterprise security. And while malicious insiders - such as disgruntled workers out to cause harm - pose a serious threat, accidental lapses in security through carelessness or negligence are still to blame for a large portion of data breaches and other cyber incidents