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The answer to delivering exactly what your customer wants

Last year 16 billion digital coupons were redeemed worldwide at an estimated growth rate of 50 per cent. With 35 million people owning a smartphone in the UK and, according to Planet Retail, 26 per cent wanting to receive tailored offers, real-time and relevant promotions are more important than ever if you want to attract the most profitable consumers. And this is where Eagle Eye comes in.

Eagle Eye was founded in 2003 as a digital marketing platform that securely validates and redeems digital promotions in real time for the grocer, retail and hospitality industries.

Founder, engineer and self-confessed “software geek” Steve Rothwell’s original vision was to capitalise on the idea that digital is far cheaper than traditional analogue channels, such as paper, and the mobile phone is and will always be central to our lives. With more than 30 per cent of UK adults looking at their smartphone within five minutes of waking, according to 2014 figures, and more than 14 million redemptions on the platform this year, it seems his hunch paid off.

The Eagle Eye AIR platform powers targeted and secure digital promotions and rewards, transforming the way brands and retailers engage with consumers, in real time

The Eagle Eye AIR platform powers targeted and secure digital promotions and rewards, transforming the way brands and retailers engage with consumers, in real time. This enables them to deliver timely relevant, compelling promotions and rewards to consumers in a simple and secure way, and through multiple channels. The platform creates a network effect between retailers, distributors and brands, enabling stronger connections and value for all parties.

By integrating into the till process and providing single-use voucher codes that are digitally verified and redeemed, Eagle Eye AIR eliminates fraud and reduces running costs, as well as generating real-time consumer data across multiple retailers and brands.

“These days the consumer no longer has to wait seven days to get a discount and as they are bombarded by 30,000 marketing messages every day, retailers need to send the right offer at the right time in order to engage consumers effectively and stand out from the crowd.” says Mr Rothwell. “Everyone needs to see value.”

The infographic illustrates how a consumer can touch an Eagle Eye-generated promotion several times throughout their day and for different reasons. With every code generated, verified and redeemed via Eagle Eye AIR, the retailers and brands involved get all their campaign data in real time ensuring they can understand their consumers better and make quicker informed decisions.

The platform also offers huge value to the consumer by giving them access to promotions and rewards at the right time and in the right place through their preferred channel whether that is e-mail, SMS, in app push notifications or paper. They also get the benefit of a quick and simple redemption process through the till, making it easier for staff too.

The consumer journey explained

8.26: morning coffee

Eagle Eye AIR generates a QR code linked to the consumer’s unique ID, verifies against their profile and sends through rewards accordingly while also enabling payment.

Result: Greggs gets some great data about the consumer’s daily activity, the consumer gets a free coffee and is more likely to call again tomorrow (with a paper coffee stamp Greggs wouldn’t know who the consumer was or what they were doing).


10.32: mid-morning break

Eagle Eye AIR generates a unique code, verifies the code at the till while also analysing the basket to ensure the consumer has a Coke Zero in it and validates the redemption.

Result: The consumer gets a free Coke, the store gets an extra sale, and Coke and One Stop can both start to build a profile on the consumer.


12.47: lunch

Eagle Eye AIR generates a unique code, verifies and redeems it against the overall bill, giving Prezzo data around the consumer’s meal preferences.

Result: The consumer is able to redeem their coupon easily while Prezzo is likely to have managed to up-sell on the meal and gained insight into the consumer’s preferences for future marketing.


15.23: shopping

Eagle Eye AIR generates a unique code against the order, verifies the detail at the till and supplies Pets At Home with this data.

Result: The consumer can shop in a way that suits them and Pets At Home guarantee a sale with the consumer paying up front on ordering.


 18.03: after-work drink

Eagle Eye AIR generates a coupon code and verifies at the till before enabling redemption. The transaction data is collected and fed back to Nicholson’s in real time.

Result: Consumer gets a relevant offer they can use right now and Nicholson’s can see how successful their push offer was and have increased their footfall in doing so.


21.14: food shop

Eagle Eye AIR instantly generates a code and will verify upon redemption.

Result: The consumer can exchange their Tesco Clubcard vouchers for an outlet that appeals to them. Tesco now see hundreds of thousands of their customers exchanging Tesco Clubcard vouchers online for instant digital codes.


Eagle Eye now works with more than 110 (and growing) retailers, brands and media agencies, including Asda, Coca-Cola, Mediacom, Pets at Home and Tesco, which are all seeing significant benefits.

Retailers are using this technology on a mass-market scale to gain competitive advantage and ensure consumers are gaining value by receiving the right offer at the right time.

Build loyalty at a fraction of the cost of traditional loyalty schemes. Speak to us on, visit or follow us @WeAreEagleEye

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