Top 5 articles of 2016

5. Will robots actually take your job?

Should we ready ourselves for a world where algorithms replace instincts and there are more robots than workers? With 31 per cent of workers worried robots will take their job, and a further 23 per cent concerned humankind will end up relying on automation, we investigated the rise of machines in the workplace.
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4. Infographic: Mobile addiction in the UK

How often do you look at your smartphone every day? Lost count? Well, this graphic reveals the UK’s growing addiction to mobile phones. It reveals how smartphones are affecting our daily lives, including most unacceptable social situations to be on your device, how often we check our phones, as well as what we use our smartphones for.
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3. Top workplace perks

Forget free fruit and company cars, how about comedy nights or sound therapy to boost employee engagement? We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most unusual perks which really fire staff up…
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2. The world’s most beautiful buildings

This interesting graphic reveals the 20 most beautiful buildings in the world, as voted for by over 400 of our readers. Buildings featured include St Paul’s Cathedral, the Effiel Tower and the Empire State Building.
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1. The future of blockchain in 8 charts

Our most read article of 2016 relates to the future of blockchain. Not sure what blockchain actually is? Well, it’s essentially a giant network which records ownership and value, and is being hailed as the second coming of the internet. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, we broke down its future in 8 simple charts….
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