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Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain

Dec, 2018

2018 has seen the market value of cryptocurrencies drop by 75 per cent, but steps towards greater transparency and regulation are underway giving industry experts confidence in the potential of widespread crypto adoption. The Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain special report, published in The Times, covers how blockchain and smart contracts can transform the supply chain, how traditional financial regulation can move cryptocurrencies forward, and how initial coin offerings are helping startups raise funds. Also featured is how cryptocurrencies and blockchain can affect real change, from combating electoral fraud to helping the homeless


Initial coin offerings (ICOs) give startups a way to raise funding outside traditional means, where new cryptocurrencies or tokens are pre-sold to investors interested in the project. However, as issuers don't have to submit regulated filings, funding trends remain difficult to track and the most commonly used platforms mostly disagree on the numbers.