Before and Aftercare

At MyBreast “before and after” is much more than a way of illustrating larger breasts or a slimmer stomach – it’s the belief that every step of cosmetic surgery, from consultation to aftercare, is vital to the wellbeing of the patient.


For some cosmetic surgery groups, a consultation is little more than an irritating requirement which needs to be undertaken before surgery can take place. In a few cases, it’s even worse. Here the consultation is seen as an opportunity to deliver a sales pitch for surgery, with those involved seemingly unconcerned whether it is really in the patient’s best interest.

The ideal consultation is an open and honest conversation between the surgeon, who would perform the operation, and the patient.

The surgeon’s first task is to understand the patient’s wishes, concerns and expectations. A careful assessment of the patient’s physical and psychological suitability for surgery will need to be made.

The surgeon should thoroughly examine the patient. This examination will enable an assessment of the state of the tissues and the degree of aesthetic change that might be considered. The surgeon can then start to make a surgical plan and explain this to the patient.

By the end of this conversation, the patient should start to have an understanding of the intended benefits of the procedure and the surgeon’s expectations of outcome. They should also have an understanding of the limitations of surgery and the implications of undergoing the procedure.

Finally, to enable the patient to make a truly informed decision, the surgeon should explain the complications that might need to be considered for a particular operation.

Good pre-operative preparation and thorough aftercare are as important as your immediate surgical care

The discussion during a consultation shouldn’t just be one-way traffic as the patient should have an active role to play in the process. The patient should be frank about their expectations, allowing the surgeon to assess how likely they are to be satisfied with the outcome, and should raise any concerns that may influence their decision.                                                

Opting to undertake cosmetic surgery is a decision that deserves time and careful consideration. A good and thorough consultation will generate a huge amount of information for the patient to consider, and it may generate more questions than answers. As a result not every consultation will end with you making an appointment for surgery – and frequently a second appointment will be needed. Occasionally the patient or surgeon will decide that the consultation is where this particular cosmetic journey ends.


One of the strongest arguments against going abroad to have cosmetic surgery is that so often there is very limited access to aftercare. While the situation in the UK is generally much better, it should be remembered that not all aftercare is equal.

The details of your aftercare should be made clear before you agree to proceed with surgery. Following your operation, the surgeon should carry out a review before you are discharged from hospital, you should be issued with clear instructions for the immediate post-operative period and you should be provided with follow-up appointments.

As often as possible, follow-up should be with the surgeon who performed the operation. Good post-operative advice from a surgeon will be customised based on the specifics of both procedure and patient. It is, therefore, of little help to have someone who was not directly involved in the operation providing this advice.

Before you agree to proceed with surgery you should be aware of the terms and conditions of your care, what will happen if things do not go quite as planned and what happens if further treatment, investigations or even further surgery is required. Good pre-operative preparation and thorough aftercare are as important as your immediate surgical care.

The time and care taken during your consultation will often give you a good idea of the level of aftercare you might expect, but don’t take anything for granted, ask specific questions about this part of your care.

As all surgeons at MyBreast are members of the leading surgical associations in plastic surgery BAAPS and/or BAPRAS, they are carefully chosen, and are among the most experienced and qualified plastic surgeons in the country.

Our surgeons will take the time to listen to your concerns and will provide you with careful advice specifically tailored to your requirements. Their technical expertise and attention to detail should help reassure you that you will be in safe hands for your operation, and they will be there, with the rest of the team, to look after you during your recovery period.

At MyBreast we believe in the importance of the “before and afters”, but for us it is all about care.

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