Enhancing natural beauty

Founder of the award-winning Cosmetic Skin Clinic Dr Tracy Mountford has tried a great many anti-ageing treatments and technologies over the years.

“What I have discovered is that the best way to achieve superlative anti-ageing results is to combine skin-tightening Thermage® treatment with injectable fillers and light muscle relaxants – because doing this addresses all the key elements of ageing,” says Dr Mountford.

Thermage is the rejuvenating treatment that is loved by celebrities, from Amanda Holden to Ellen Barkin and Linda Evangelista, for the firming, smoothing and tightening effects that it has on the skin. It uses well-proven technology – focused radio-frequency energy – to strengthen the collagen in your skin. Just one treatment gives you smoother, tighter skin – and an entirely natural look.

Even Gwyneth Paltrow has sung its praises. “It’s not invasive,” she said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “I went out to dinner right afterwards and I didn’t look crazy. I feel like it took five years off my face.”

Dr Mountford’s team carry out more Thermage treatments than any other clinic in the UK and the treatment’s popularity is soaring as happy patients tell their friends about the results.

It’s not just women who love Thermage. The treatment is really popular with men, too. One recent convert is the celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton, who tried Thermage earlier this year.

An experienced practitioner will know just how to get the very best results

Along with the lines, wrinkles and slackness, the other main problem for the ageing face is loss of volume.

“A younger face is full of small pads of fat that give it lovely, ‘plumptious’ softness,” says Dr Mountford. “As we age, these fat pads shrink and the face loses volume. This is where injectable fillers help. Placed deep in the cheeks, fillers or collagen stimulators, can restore that lost volume, naturally.”

The last piece of the jigsaw, when it comes to anti-ageing treatments, is finding a highly skilled cosmetic doctor. An experienced practitioner will know just how to get the very best results, whether with a high-tech machine or when using injectables, and Dr Mountford and her team have spent years perfecting their aesthetic techniques. It is important that you are in good hands and you won’t end up looking unnatural, or with a bad case of pillow face or trout pout.

“We take the time to understand what each patient wants to achieve,” says Dr Mountford. “Our aim is always to enhance natural beauty to give a soft, airbrushed, rejuvenated appearance.”

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“Making people look good is what I do, so I have to look my best, too. Thermage is a treatment that has improved the firmness and contours of my face and neck as well as improved the tightness of my skin.

In my job it is important that there is no downtime, so I was really grateful that the team at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic recommended this treatment to me. My skin looks fresher and younger. I also like the fact that the treatment stimulates my own collagen and gives a gradual result. I’m delighted with the results.”