Workers must be trained for a new future

Manufacturing worker

A fourth industrial revolution, featuring automation and data exchange, is set to transform industry, but requires new skills and training for the UK workforce

Why millions of workers are retiring in pensioner poverty

Man with umbrella black and white

Failure to save enough for their retirement, coupled with an inadequate state pension, is leaving millions in pensioner poverty

Fighting racial prejudice at work must be a top priority

Racial prejudice in the workplace illustration

While headlines scream of sexual harassment and gender discrimination, race is poised to become the major issue in the workplace

Relentless march of mobile

Smartphones and computer tablets are important tools in the work of business events, as Virginia Matthews reports

Looking after staff means they take care of customers

Winning staff loyalty and commitment is good for business and customers, as Virginia Matthews reports

Olympic ‘halo’ set to get tills ringing

The success of the London 2012 Olympics is a springboard for the UK’s business events industry, writes Virginia Matthews