Time’s up for punching the clock

Work clock change

Widespread remote working has demonstrated that employees can be trusted to manage their time and productivity, so should companies now be letting workers choose the hours that suit their body clock?

Coming out of COVID-19: How HR could be your key to recovery

Business recovery

From lockdown to unlock, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown up serious staffing challenges, thrusting human resources leaders into the centre of the crisis

The key to an empowered workforce

While the coronavirus outbreak may have hastened technological transformation, cultural change must take place to emerge from the pandemic stronger than before

Five ways to embrace neurodiverse workers


Many employers are seeking to hire and retain the estimated 15 per cent of the UK working population classed as neurodivergent and whose “different wiring” may offer valuable new insights

How can organisational design improve employee experience?

Creating a purpose-driven employee experience means rethinking how and why organisational structures work. In order to overcome disruption and drive real change, people leaders need to be courageous and tear up the existing human resources rulebook.

Could Japan ever embrace a four-day week?

Japan work week

Traditional attitudes towards employment mean Japan might not be suited to the four-day working week trend spreading worldwide

How employee experience can help drive transformation (in 4 steps)

employee experience transformation the hive

To drive change throughout an organisation, it's key that everyone pulls in the same direction. How can HR leaders create an employee experience that builds relationships between the organisation and its workforce to achieve strategic goals?

AI, ethics and classrooms of the future

Experts chime in on the increasing role of artificial intelligence in education, which is set to transform learning as we know it