Reducing the risk of depression in patients with cardiovascular disease


Heart disease and hospital treatment can leave patients feeling depressed and vulnerable to further health problems unless doctors also treat the psychological symptoms

Empowering patients to track their health through wearable tech

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Boosting stroke survival rates

Medical Research

New technology, treatments and techniques, backed by the latest research around the world, are boosting survival rates and delivering improved outcomes for stroke patients

New treatments for heart conditions

Promising new techniques and treatments for cardiovascular disease are saving lives and transforming patients’ experience, writes Victoria Lambert

Importance of eye tests

An eye test can do more than check or correct your sight, it can literally save your life, as Victoria Lambert reports

7 ways to minimise risk of stroke

From genes and gender to age and fitness, whether you smoke or drink, or have other medical conditions, there are many factors which can increase your risk of stroke. Victoria Lambert suggests ways of minimising the risk