Pushing to eliminate high-sulphur fuels in shipping

Action to clean up harmful sulphur oxide emissions has sent a shockwave through the shipping industry

Strategic foreign takeovers worry the West

Mergers and acquisitions are increasingly becoming matters of national sovereignty and security as China, in particular, extends its power

Chief executive pay continues to skyrocket

An ever-widening gap between the pay of chief executives and ordinary workers may be damaging productivity as well as morale among employees

What space satellites can teach us about Earth’s water

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Theranos: how one woman fooled Silicon Valley

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Manufacturing jobs: “new collar” replaces blue collar

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Long hours, no extra pay: what it’s like to work in Japan

packed metro train japan

Workers in Japan are struggling to overcome a culture of unpaid overtime and long hours which threaten their health and sacrifice family

Five brands boosting creative packaging design

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From materials to marketing, innovative packaging designs are helping to launch impactful new brands