What robotics can do in finance

Automation promises to remove many of the manual processes associated with accounting, but will it live up to the hype?

Cryptocurrencies are in as cash loses its appeal

Today’s futurists see a tomorrow when cryptocurrencies dominate financial transactions big and small

Keeping up with the robots

Illustration of robot taking over human jobs

Automation may pose a threat to jobs, but it also puts an added psychological pressure on staff who have to keep pace with the robots

Payments shake-up is a Brexit farewell

Future of Payments big four banks

Europewide regulation is set to transform payment services, promising consumers a new deal

Is investing in property still the safest bet?

Key in a house door

Despite the uncertainties of Brexit and impact of new legislation, the housing market may still be a good place to invest, possibly through crowdfunding

What banks can learn from Iron Man

banking future

Battling to rebuild reputations in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, banks must adapt to the changing culture introduced by challengers and fintech startups

Management consultants focus on hands-on innovation

The role of management consultants is changing as clients in a digital age demand a wider range of services and visible return on investment

Building unicorns on the stock market

No doubt all startups want to make it big and exit with pockets full of cash, but few manage billion-dollar status