How insurance can help seal an acquisition deal


Transferring risk from a transaction on to the insurance market can help oil the wheels of mergers and acquisitions

Business manners across the globe

Busy city street full of traffic

Knowing and showing respect for local culture can avoid causing unintentional offence, which could wreck a lucrative international business deal

3 ways business culture differs around the world

Illustration of man bowing and other man extending handshake

Planning on doing business internationally? Here's how business manners differ across the globe

The most attractive European countries for outsourcing

Finding an overseas outsource provider close to home can have significant advantages including an educated workforce with specialist skills within easy travelling distance

Abundance of cash sees rise in mega deals

The global mergers and acquisitions market is buoyant in a sea of cheap cash, pushing prices ever higher

Due diligence: making sure there are no nasty surprises

Pre-deal checks should not only examine company accounts, but also programmes to comply with national and international regulation

Launch of the China International Payments System

China International Payments System

China’s response to the SWIFT international payments system should bring good news for corporate treasurers with lower costs and more efficient settlement of transactions in renminbi

How to get started abroad

Breaking into an overseas market can be challenging, but there are varied strategies to establish a foothold, as Rodrigo Amaral reports