Embracing packaging which cleans itself

Self cleaning plastic

As public interest in hygiene reaches its zenith, new innovations, such as self-cleaning plastic, have never been more welcome

Investing in COVID vaccine: what to know

Investing in vaccine

Investors could be forgiven for piling money into companies on the verge of a coronavirus vaccine breakthrough, but those in it for a quick win should think again

When rapid delivery is no longer an option

Consumer patience rapid delivery

Long queues and delivery delays have become an accepted part of consumer purchases over recent months. But even if customers have become more patient, communications still play a key part in keeping them happy

Want to know the carbon footprint of your food?

Carbon footprint food

An initiative to add environmental information to food labels is shaking up the industry, but is this something consumers really want?

Putting agents’ experience at the heart of your business

Agents' experience

Customer service has one of the highest employee turnover rates, but implementing the right technology and putting agents’ needs first could transform the industry

Are the right-to-repair laws fair?

Right to repair

Manufacturers have long built products so consumers can't fix them themselves, but growing demand for a circular economy and less e-waste could soon change all that

What makes a great tech startup hub?

Top tech startup hubs

From low rents and close access to universities, to good transport links and government support, there are a number of key reasons why certain cities are the best incubators for tech talent

How tech is streamlining the property sector

From poorly measured floor plans to overdue payments, innovative technology solutions are making property processes simpler than ever. Here are three examples