Embattled Jordan looks for hope in sport

With conflict on its borders and an epochal refugee crisis straining its resources, embattled Jordan hopes that by hosting a women’s football tournament it can create a potent counter-narrative against extremism and insecurity

Asia’s cold war washes up in UK

Asia's cold ear

The defection of a UK-based North Korean diplomat hints at instability in Pyongyang, as the Kim regime’s latest nuclear test ratchets up the pressure in an already tense region

Globalisation not entirely to blame for wealth inequality


UN trade expert Mukhisa Kituyi says that wealth inequality and a stagnant middle class cannot be blamed exclusively on globalisation

Asia’s sin cities

gambling in asia

Beijing’s crackdowns on corruption and capital flight have forced the gambling junket business to seek out new, riskier frontiers

James Chen’s moonshot

The Hong Kong-based philanthropist is betting on mobile phones, drones and artificial intelligence to give the whole world access to eye care by 2035

Not talking about a revolution


Egyptian writer and director Ahmed El Attar’s The Last Supper skewers the vapidity of his country’s elites on the eve of the Arab Spring, and its message has resonated worldwide

UK Fracking payouts miss the point

A UK community protesting against fracking

The UK government is set to offer payouts to communities to try to head off opposition to controversial shale gas developments

Mandela’s party feels the heat from anti-elite voters

Jacob Zuma in Johannesburg

Local elections in South Africa have become a vote of no confidence in the African National Congress and its scandal-prone leader, Jacob Zuma