Apprenticeships - More than just a business expense

apprenticeships professionals

While the payment basics of the Levy are pretty straightforward, businesses will only reap the rewards of apprenticeships with a robust strategy

Should social media be allowed at work?

Retail professional on their phone at work

People cannot work productively without taking breaks, but should social media be allowed as a potential distraction?

How data analysis helps you to know your workforce

Human resources chiefs are increasingly demonstrating the worth of people analytics as businesses reap the benefits of getting to know their staff better

Why offices should be open to the local community

Office within community

Community involvement and access to office spaces are now a priority as employers and developers strive to get closer to local people

Bridging generational divides at work

Generational divides at work

Managing up to five generations within one company can be a challenge, but it is becoming more commonplace as people work on after 65

How to become a CEO

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There’s no one guaranteed route or fast track to the top, but as the role of the chief executive changes, so do the candidates

How to build a diverse workforce

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Accepting diversity in the workplace so men and women from all backgrounds belong together not only promotes social cohesion – it’s good for business

Apprenticeships prove a popular alternative to the cost of university

Once the poor relation in education, apprenticeships could be set to make a sustained comeback with greater status and value as more organisations sign up to an attractive alternative to mainstream university courses