Hiring with personality

With almost a third of new hires leaving after their first 6 months, how do you find people who will go the distance?

Why human resources needs an image makeover

People working at coffee shop outside

Human resources may be a pivotal part of a successful organisation, but it struggles with a poor image which could be turning away talented would-be recruits

HR should step up to a strategic role

People working on glass wall

Human resources professionals should be designers of roles, communication and organisational structures to address the challenges facing businesses

Finding the meaning behind the ‘wellbeing’ buzzword

A Rentokil Initial pest controller at a recycling centre

Trendy term caught on quick - now it’s time to put it to work

Small firms need to wake up to the benefits of wellbeing

Team of people in office

SMEs have the most to gain from a wellbeing strategy and the reduction in staff illness it can bring

Can businesses make the new apprenticeship levy work?


Employers are still evaluating the full impact of the apprenticeship levy, seen by some as a tax and by others as a new training opportunity

Debunking the sales ‘boys’ club’

Sales boy club

Attracting women into sales is a challenge being addressed by notable individuals and firms, but sales remains a male-dominated profession

Avoiding generational generalisations

Forza Football’s Gothenburg office houses a games room, shuffleboard table and ball pit

Office spaces are increasingly being designed to suit purpose rather than pander to gimmicky fads to attract younger staff