How B2B buying has evolved over lockdown

B2B buyer

The business-to-business customer is changing, and merchants need to understand and connect with new generations of buyers if they wish to stay competitive

Society 5.0: Japan’s lofty plans face hurdles

Japan society 5.0

Japan’s ambition to create a more efficient, integrated society with a thriving economy may be difficult to achieve in a country that is crying out for huge investments in physical infrastructure

Mastering storytelling with authenticity

Authenticity and storytelling

Cutting through the noise requires creativity and authenticity if brands hope to engage with customers in a meaningful way

Will the UK ever experience seamless travel?

As infrastructure projects promise to increase connections between distant regions in the UK, rolling out London’s account-based ticketing system nationwide could be a boon for domestic business travel

Is fashion manufacturing coming home?

Rapid globalisation and complex supply chains mean brands have hitherto largely relied on production overseas, where labour is often cheaper and economies of scale have enabled strong expansion. But in light of Brexit and its potential impact on global trade and workforces, the reindustrialisation of Britain, for the textiles industry at least, could prove attractive to many domestic brands

Should investors be wary of stranded assets?

With policies shifting towards cleaner sources of energy, stranded assets associated with fossil fuels can represent a huge risk to company balance sheets

Electric cars in trouble as green levy threatened

electric cars being built in factory

President Donald Trump is considering axing a generous tax credit designed to encourage electric vehicle sales in the United States. If it happens, green car manufacturers could face a rocky future

Moving towards a decentralised grid

There are many practical barriers standing in the way of decentralising the UK's energy network, but the economics of small-scale, localised power have vastly improved